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Pembrokeshire picks potatoes

How many people does it take to pick a tonne of potatoes?

As many as you can lay your hands on! Pencoed Community Gardeners put a call out to friends and family, and thankfully fifty volunteers - happy to earn potatoes over pounds - turned out in force. It was a bit of a gamble whether all their hard work would pay off, given the crop had been over-wintered in the ground.

You may have heard of Pembrokeshire earlies, well these were quite the opposite. Very much last season. So, technically Pembrokeshire lates! A wet autumn put paid to digging up this bunch, which meant we had to leave them in the earth to sit tight. Luckily, they seem to have fared remarkably well in this natural cold storage, and still taste delicious. This organic crop will be bagged up and used to feed our members, with any surplus sold to support the community garden.

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