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Upstanding work from team 'Tea-room'

Some people dream of fast cars and exotic restaurants, but at Pencoed Community Garden our imagination is, unsurprisingly, more down to earth.

We don't yearn for much, but what we do hanker after is somewhere to rest up and brew up. A few long hours weeding and planting makes the prospect of a satisfying cup of tea more alluring than the stiffest of G + T's. And if we're going down the fantasy route, why not stretch it a little further? After every Sunday gardening session we eat a 'pot luck' lunch together, with each family bringing a dish to share. What if, we thought, we enhanced the experience by cooking our garden vegetables fresh from the field? That has now become the ultimate goal. From field to feast as it were.

Naturally, the prospect of a 'shed' coming up for grabs set us salivating. It came free of charge, courtesy of Lamphey Tennis Club. The only snag being we had to pick up the pieces and work out how to put it back together again. Team 'Tea Room' was duly formed, and a few trips and much scratching of heads later, we began to formulate a plan. What followed was a rather hilarious game of 'consequences' on the construction front. Whereby one lot of people made decisions about flooring, supports and roofing, only for an entirely different group of people to turn up the following week and make a new, unexpected architectural twist. That's community engagement in a nutshell. Unpredictable, surprising, and thoroughly entertaining! Nonetheless, we now have the makings of our tea room. Once the growing season calms down a little, no doubt refinements will be added. A lick of paint, some furniture, a stove - a new vision for its future.

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